Trying the Korean Burger King Menu

Welcome back to my Korean fast food saga! This time, we’ll be exploring the food at Korean Burger King. Like McDonald’s, they have many familiar items, like the Whopper and the Long Chicken Sandwich (just called an original chicken sandwich in America, they added "long" in the Konglish name). However, there are a few doozies... Continue Reading →


Frouple in Japan: Tokyo

This past summer the Frouple was finally heading to the promised land of sushi, anime, and everything kawaii!

Kelly’s Birthday Adventures 2017

Last month another scratch was added to the tallies of my life. Twenty-six delivered me another year of highs and lows, and once again I found that on this birthday I was valuing very different things in my life than I did the year before. Another foreigner in our town, Marley, a fellow American, had... Continue Reading →

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