Rachel’s K-pop Ramblings Part 1: 2018 Season’s Greetings

I’m a little late in saying this, but Happy 2018 everyone! One thing k-pop fans know about the New Year is that it’s time to get the wallet ready, because they know Season’s Greetings are coming. What are Season’s Greetings exactly? At the end of each year, some K-pop groups release special packages for their fans. It’s merchandise that usually includes a calendar, photobook, diary or notebook, a Making of DVD, as well as other goodies depending on what you got. They’re the perfect holiday present for a fan of one of these groups, and I want to share my haul with you for this mini-blog. If you’re interested, check out one of the websites I’ve listed below before they go out of stock and the price shoots way up!

The calendars I got with my Season’s Greetings! You can see the January pictures for them all here. Left to right: VIXX, Day6, B1A4, BTS

Here’s what I got, ordered alphabetically by group:


What’s in it: Craft Box Envelope, Desk Calendar, Diary, Making DVD, Photo Paper Frame, Postcards, Stamp Stickers, Pencils, ID Photos, Large Craft Envelope

Out of all the Greetings I bought, this is the bestseller, and definitely the most popular. It also included the most items! I thought the pencils, postcards and photo frame were pretty neat, and I can’t wait to check out the DVD. I think this one is a really good buy, especially if you like BTS!

BTS Wall Calendar

This is sold separately from the BTS Season’s Greeting, but it’s pretty cheap and it’s HUGE! There are also some really nice pictures inside. It’s effectively a set of BTS posters, one for each month. I’m into it!

BTS Wall Calendar, including a few of the monthly pictures.


What’s in it: Calendar, Scheduler and Photobook, Photocards, Mini Poster, Making DVD and Paper Toy

I liked the aesthetic of this one the most. It’s colorful and adorable, as you’d expect something from B1A4 to be. I especially like the poster, and there are a lot of great pictures. I think the DVD will contain their photoshoots, and so much eye candy for any B1A4 fan. Zoom zoom my heart like a locket!


What’s in it: Calendar, Diary, Mini Posters, Photo Cards

This was the cheapest Season’s Greeting I got, probably because Day6 is a pretty small group compared to the others I purchased from. It also has the least amount of items, and I wish I could’ve gotten a little something extra. Still, the Day & Night concept was really beautiful, and it’s great for any Day6 fan!


What’s in it: Monthly Planner, Slipcase, Photocards with Photo Frame, Posters

I made a point to buy this one, after Jonghyun’s tragic passing. It was a little strange that it didn’t contain a calendar, but there is a little book for each month, and you can use them for daily, weekly, and monthly planning. I really like the colors and pictures in this one as well.


What’s in it: Desk Calendar, Holiday Stickers, Hard Cover Diary, Postcard Set, Postcard Stand, Poster, Making DVD

The VIXX Season’s Greeting had everything I could hope for, and I’m very pleased with all the content. VIXX usually makes really nice merchandise for their fans, and this is no exception. The hardcover diary is probably the best of all the diaries, with a sleek look, and it’s very solid. There are also really nice postcards, and a DVD, which I’m always happy to see.

Obviously, I didn’t buy all Greetings available, and I may not have bought the one you’re interested in. Here’s a list of all available Greetings, along with pictures of their packaging, so you can get a good idea of what you specifically want:

List of 2018 Season’s Greetings

Where to Buy:

I bought all of my Season’s Greetings in person, in Myeongdong. (more on where I go k-pop shopping in a future blog!) Of course, not all of you live in Korea, so I think your best bet is buying online. I will give you a list of online k-pop stores, and you can compare which sites have what you want, and which has it at the cheapest price. I hope you find a great deal!

For these websites, you should be able to find the Season’s Greeting after searching for your k-pop group:

K-pop Mart


These links will take you directly to the list of 2018 Season’s Greetings currently available at each site:

K-Pop Plus


KPOP Ktown4u

If you’re interested, please hurry! Season’s Greetings are not available too much longer than the first or second month of the year, and depending on how popular it is, it may sell out soon. Happy shopping and Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s 2018 is great, and no matter what the year has in store, find the little things that make you happy, and once in a while, don’t forget to TREAT YOSELF!

All of my Season’s Greetings, clockwise from upper left: B1A4, SHINee, VIXX, Day6, BTS. Happy 2018 to me!

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