Trying the Korean Burger King Menu

Welcome back to my Korean fast food saga! This time, we’ll be exploring the food at Korean Burger King. Like McDonald’s, they have many familiar items, like the Whopper and the Long Chicken Sandwich (just called an original chicken sandwich in America, they added “long” in the Konglish name). However, there are a few doozies as well! Recently, I swung by the Burger King at Suwon Station (I really should have a frequent customer discount by now). I picked up all the “best” things I could find, so I could share the menu with all of you who might not be as familiar with the options in Korea. Here we go!

First of all, I wanted to mention self-ordering systems. These are available not only at Burger King, but McDonald’s and other restaurants as well, and I’m always happy to see them. I’m sure these are in many others countries too, but they’re just wonderful here, because they make ordering much less awkward for me. I can use the touch screen, change the language to English, and make a huge order (like I did this time) without having to try to communicate it all to someone in my broken Korean. All you need is a hand and a card to pay, and BOOM easy ordering for foreigners!

Self-ordering system
Easy way to order without talking to anyone!

I ended up getting the following: a long chicken sandwich, regular fries and truffle fries, two drinks, a wasabi crab burger, a mushroom whopper, and two orders of coconut shrimp. In total, four different proteins and more calories than I want to think about! Let’s go through all the items quickly and see what we think about them!

The whole order! Starting from the very left, going clockwise: Original Long Chicken Sandwich, Truffle Fries, Coconut Shrimp, Truffle Quattro Mushroom Whopper, Plain Fries, Wasabi Crab Burger

Original Long Chicken Sandwich

This is the go-to Burger King menu item for Kelly and me, in any country. In Korea, it tastes exactly as you’d expect. I can tell no difference between this and the sandwiches back home, and it’s one of those familiar comfort foods that expats would certainly appreciate.

Fries: Plain and Truffle

Korean Burger King offers three types of fries: plain, cheese, and truffle (which is a limited-time flavor that they’re promoting right now). I think the regular fries are just like they were back home, not as good as McDonald’s but fine in a pinch. I decided to order the truffle fries as well, just to see how they’d taste. On my way to Kelly’s house, the truffle fries created a very strong smell of black pepper and mushrooms, and I was self-conscious about it on the subway. Then, I opened them up, and they were a little cold (from the travels). They were alright, but I won’t specifically order them again. They tasted like regular fries, with cheap gravy, cheese and pepper on top, kind of like a poor man’s poutine. I think the cheese fries are probably similarly mediocre, because they just have a cheap cheesy sauce on top. I was hoping this would satisfy poutine cravings for me, but unfortunately not this time. I think I’ll just be going for regular, plain fries from now on.

truffle fries
Truffle Fries

Truffle Quattro Mushroom Whopper

Shifting toward the stranger menu items, let’s talk about the Truffle Quattro Mushroom Whopper. The regular whopper is available as well of course, and it tastes the same as it does back home. But for some reason, Burger King here also likes to offer “quattro” whoppers. I’ve had the Quattro Cheese Whopper before (no longer available), which is made with four cheeses, and as I remember, wasn’t that good. Now, they have a whopper with four kinds of mushrooms (I don’t know exactly which mushrooms, but they have the same truffle sauce that was on the truffle fries). It was surprisingly dry, even though it had quite a bit of sauce. The mushroom taste wasn’t really there either. I think the best beef burger to get is still the original whopper, but I still wonder what type of “quattro” is coming next.

Wasabi Crab Burger

Ok, I see what they were going for here. Shrimp burgers are quite popular at Korean fast food restaurants, and they’re delicious. I think Burger King decided to branch out into other parts of the ocean, and thus, the crab burger. On its own, the crab patty was alright, but nothing great, and we still like shrimp burgers better. The wasabi sauce kicked it up a notch, but we would have liked it to be a little stronger. It was creamy and a little too weak of a flavor for us, which is strange since Koreans love spicy food so much. They also used a different, wheat type of bun. Overall, we like this one better than the whopper, but probably wouldn’t buy it again either. Sorry crazy menu!

Coconut Shrimp

In America, we usually avoid seafood at fast food restaurants, right? I can only really think of the fish sandwiches from McDonald’s, and I don’t know too many people who like them. However, in Korea, the seafood offerings are so much more plentiful. As I mentioned before, we love shrimp burgers, and I have to say, the coconut shrimp at Burger King are BOMB! They come in an order of three, and I’d suggest getting an order per person. Also, they’re really good with sweet chili sauce, which I believe you need to order separately (I forgot this time). Out of all the Korean-specific offerings, this is definitely my favorite! I love coconut shrimp anyway, and this is a good quick way to satisfy any cravings for them I may have. Definitely try the coconut shrimp from Korean Burger King!

And there you have it, my huge order from Korean Burger King! We enjoyed trying all the crazy food, but ultimately the strange items were a little disappointing for us. New menu items are fun to try, but the classics are there for a reason. Feel free to try all the crazy sandwiches you want, but we’ll keep going back to the plain fries and long chicken sandwiches. Although I’ll also be adding coconut shrimp to that order from now on! Keep eating and keep adventuring, my fellow international fast foodies!


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