Holiday Frouple: An Open Letter From Rachel to Kelly

To Kelly: my heart, my mind, my sister, my froup,

During Christmas (and Hannukah!), I’ve been thinking about all the amazing times we’ve had together this year, especially since New Year’s is right around the corner. We have had many happy times together already, and I’m so excited to share more with you. Throughout all this time, I love that we can talk about anything and everything. Dates, work, everyday occurrences. It’s almost like we are each other’s diary, and if anything happens to me that’s even remotely worth sharing, I want to tell you right away.

I want to go places with you, because you are my favorite travel buddy, forever and always. These (almost!) three years in Korea have been incredible with you, and I’m still in awe sometimes that we were actually able to do it! I will always look mostly fondly on this time we’ve spent together, and all of the ups and downs are treasured experiences, lessons, and learnings in love. Living in the same cities have been some of the most special times for me. Even when we lived apart, we were able to make time to visit each other, and we always will be able to do that, no matter what ends up happening!

When we are apart, we find things and places and think “I can’t wait to tell her about this insanity!” We bring out the best qualities in each other, and complement each other well in the social realm. You always know how to bring out my inner extrovert, and I will engage with others gladly if it’ll make you smile. I rarely care what others think anymore, but I care about what you think. I want to make you proud to call me your friend, so I try harder every day. I want to live up to all the good thoughts and feelings, and therefore you help me to improve myself all the time. Things are not always so perfect of course, because we are both human and perfection is impossible. However, if we miff something up, I immediately want to do anything I can to make things right, and we are always able to figure things out. I have learned so much about myself, and you have always been there to help me through it, to talk to me and help me understand myself. I can’t express how grateful I am to get that support and growth that only you can provide.

I have a million ideas for gifts I could get you, and I’m sure you have the same for me. We have bought each other many wonderful things throughout the years. But this year, forget about the material. The best present I could ever ask for is simply spending time with you, sharing laughs, having a great time, experiencing weird and unforgettable things together. Every time we can share a story and say “remember that time when we…?”, those are some of the most enjoyable conversations to me. Instead of a trinket, this year I’d like to share my heartfelt thoughts and feelings to you as a Christmas/Hannukah present.

It’s really fun to look through one’s phone gallery. It’s the photo album of today, and it’s always nice to take a stroll down memory lane while scrolling through the past. And because we often used my phone for pictures, I thought it would be fun to include some of my favorite photos from this year. Here is a quick highlight reel, including some of my favorite events/experiences!


Music is a beautiful thing, best shared with your Frouple! We saw a lot of performances together, but two that stand out for me were the Bigbang concert from awhile ago, as well as the KOXX’s Nightmare Before Christmas show just last weekend! They were fantastic, head-bopping good times!

Hanging with Friends

Of course, it’s not always just us hanging out. Other friends make our time together fun and add different dynamics into the mix. We made so many friends in Cheongyang, and other places too like Jeju and Busan! There are so many amazing people to befriend in Korea!


Both of us had really creative birthdays this year, and I think we came up with some great ideas! For your birthday, we painted ceramic dolls, went through an escape room, and partied in Hongdae! My big goal was to eat a traditional Korean royal dinner, and it was everything I could have hoped for! So glad that we could have just the birthdays we were planning.


One of my favorite things to share with my Frouple is a good meal! Whether we were trying something new, or fulfilling one of our constant cravings for Mexican food, it was always great to enjoy eating together!

Trips and Travel

We have gone on so many trips together, and it’s wonderful that we both love to travel so much! Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trips to Daegu, Japan, and Jeju, just to highlight a few.


There were a few other outings that the Frouple engaged in, and while they were closer to home, they were still exciting adventures! Hiking Chilgapsan mountain is a personal high point of mine (get it? high like a mountain peak? hehehe). It wasn’t easy, but we were able to get to the top, saw many sights along the way, and enjoyed some makgeolli at the peak as a reward!


Now we’re together in Suwon, with more plans in the works. I’m stoked for all of them! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all the love in the world, my Frouple. Enjoy every moment and for all future trials and tribulations, I say fighting!!! We can face it together, and I’ll always be here to share the experience with you. Here we go!


With all my love, your Frouple,



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