Frouple Moves to the City: Our Journey Moving Together, from Cheongyang to Suwon

A few months ago, the Frouple changed schools and moved together, from the countryside town of Cheongyang to the bustling city of Suwon. Although we’re in different parts of Suwon, we were so happy to make it to the same city. Korea has really provided so many different experiences to us, all in this one... Continue Reading →

Going to the DMZ and Stepping Foot in North Korea

Before leaving Korea, one of the things I really wanted to do was go to the DMZ. It was on my Korean bucket list, if you will. Recently, I was finally able to go, and Kelly came with me (her second time going, although with a different tour this time)! It was a fascinating experience,... Continue Reading →

My Korean Skincare Routine

While living in Korea, I’ve gotten really interested in the unique skincare regimen that’s so popular here. It’s usually about ten steps, and it’s pretty intense. It can seem a bit intimidating at first, especially since there are so many products involved. However, if you keep at it, I think this routine is amazing and... Continue Reading →

Trying the Korean Burger King Menu

Welcome back to my Korean fast food saga! This time, we’ll be exploring the food at Korean Burger King. Like McDonald’s, they have many familiar items, like the Whopper and the Long Chicken Sandwich (just called an original chicken sandwich in America, they added "long" in the Konglish name). However, there are a few doozies... Continue Reading →

Frouple New Year: A History of Us

We are almost a week into the new year, 2017 both slipping past us and dragging out like a train wreck. Rachel, this year for us has most certainly had its share of ups and downs. But life always seems to play out like that, the shadows always there to highlight the brightness. Just like... Continue Reading →

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